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Automated Temperature Monitoring

Premium Products and Services

Recently, Rees Scientific revised our quality goal of continually enhancing our services and products. As the leader in automated continuous monitoring, Rees Scientific is confident that our advancements will demonstrate our ongoing commitment to quality for our customers.

Superior Compliance Solutions

ISO 17025

Rees Scientific is now accredited in accordance with the recognized International Standard for ISO/IEC 17025:2017 granted by Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation, Inc.

ISO 17025

Certified Probes

Rees Scientific’s newly accredited 17025 lab, better known as Presidio Labs is a subsidiary of Rees Scientific. 

Tested and Certified Probes

Instant Chamber Mapping

Rees Scientific is making mapping easier with the new Instant Chamber Mapping Kits.  Understand and validate your equipment environment with a completely automated mapping kit.

Instant Chamber Mapping Kits

Premium 3 Point Calibration

 We have enhanced our software and improved our three point calibration service.  Better Equipment, Procedure, Software & Documentation!

Premium 3 Point Calibration
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