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Rees Scientific’s Instant Chamber Mapping

The leader in automated continuous monitoring is bringing automation to the mapping industry. Rees Scientific is making mapping easier with the new Instant Chamber Mapping Kits.  Understand and validate your equipment environment with a completely automated mapping kit.  See the results and the reporting with a click of a button.


  • Rees Reliability: Kit provides 9, 15 or more temperature sensors attached to Z3 modules that connect directly to any Rees Cloud, PC, or Existing System.

  • Easy Setup: Place the sensors in a chamber, wait for the data to accumulate, and then print the included Chamber Mapping Report directly out of the Rees software.

  • Flexible: Kits are available with standard thermistors, certified thermistors, or certified RTD sensors.

  • Compliant Kits: Robust and instant reporting provides complete analysis of chambers with a click of a button.  Meet regulatory requirements for GMP, GAMP, GLP and much more.

Temperature Box
Instant Chamber Mapping Steps
Map 2
Map 1
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