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temperature monitoring software solutions

centron presidio software

Our Centron Presidio software is the most secure, user friendly and intuitive software yet.  Its layout is consistent with the latest version of Microsoft Windows as it offers a ribbon bar for better navigation and tabbed programming menus that are user friendly. All the different nodes in the system are color coded and contain tabs for ease of use. All the data from the nodes is more readily available and the quality of the graphs has improved dramatically. Overall the software is modernized, simplified, and more efficient.

Laptop with Centron Presidio Software Video
Centron Presidio Softare Screen

Whether a routine reading history or alarm history, every Rees Scientific report gives a detailed, easy to understand, accurate account that users find invaluable on many levels. All information, from every node in your system, is permanently logged to the Readings or Event History Files and is encrypted to ensure data integrity. You can now fully document how alarms are handled, produce complete audit trails and print information-rich event history reports, on demand.

Our 21 CFR part 11 (Electronic Signatures)  includes:

  • Encrypted files

  • Dual element signing of user actions

  • Intruder account lockout with administrator notification

  • Password length control and expiration

  • Comment expected for user actions

  • Online review and approval of records with electronic signatures

Custom Reports and Graphs from Centron Presido Software

Rees Scientific offers the most intuitive alarm notifications in the industry. 

Recieve alarm notifications via audible and visual alarms, interactive calls, texts, emails or at your PC
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