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blood & tissue banking

With over 40 years of dedicated experience, Rees Scientific stands as the global leader in Blood Bank monitoring. Our relentless commitment to continuous product development and technical innovation has transformed the landscape of blood and tissue banking, offering unparalleled solutions that allow you to reduce costs while ensuring strict compliance with industry standards, including AABB, FDA, CAP, and Joint Commission.

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Elevating Blood & Tissue Banking Monitoring Standards

Rees Scientific's continuous blood bank temperature monitoring systems have been meticulously designed with hospital blood banks in mind. These systems not only meet today's most stringent monitoring standards but also serve as a complete command and information center for your facility. By implementing Rees Scientific solutions, your blood bank becomes a hub of efficiency and precision.

Uncompromising Data Safety: Our continuous monitoring systems work tirelessly, safeguarding your products 24/7/365 through robust data logging modules. We leave no room for compromise when it comes to the safety of your valuable blood and tissue samples.

Effortless Information Access: Rees Scientific continuous monitoring systems provide real-time updates on your entire laboratory. Whether you need routine reports or specific unit interrogations, every report generated by the Rees Scientific System offers comprehensive, easily understandable, and accurate insights into all transactions within your monitoring system.

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Empowering Regenerative Medicine

In the dynamic realm of regenerative medicine, precision and compliance are paramount. Rees Scientific is not only a leader in blood and tissue banking but also a valuable asset for regenerative medicine. Our monitoring systems extend their capabilities to ensure the security and integrity of crucial resources in the field. From preserving stem cells to managing tissue samples, Rees Scientific's cutting-edge technology and rigorous compliance measures are tailored to meet the unique demands of regenerative medicine.


With our comprehensive monitoring solutions, you can embark on groundbreaking research and medical advancements with confidence, knowing that your valuable regenerative materials are in safe hands.

At Rees Scientific, we are more than a monitoring solution; we are your trusted partner in ensuring the quality, security, and compliance of your blood and tissue banking operations. Join us in elevating the standards of blood and tissue banking today.

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