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continuous automated monitoring for Forensic Labs

In the ever-evolving world of forensic science, the handling, storage, and monitoring of DNA evidence have taken center stage. Over the past decade, the demand for precision and accountability in forensic labs has surged. Media attention and public awareness have underscored the pivotal role of crime labs in the pursuit of justice. In this landscape, ASCLD/LAB accreditation has emerged as a gold standard. While accreditation is voluntary, it's a recognition that sets the bar high for forensic laboratories.  The Rees Scientific Monitoring System diligently monitors crucial parameters such as temperature, humidity, light, differential pressure, and air changes per hour, safeguarding the integrity of critical DNA evidence.


Rees Scientific Monitoring: Elevating Precision and Accountability

Meeting the requirements of ASCLD/LAB accreditation demands not only a commitment to established standards but also a robust quality assurance program. Rees Scientific offers a monitoring system designed to ensure that no evidence is lost or degraded.  We provide an invaluable tool for achieving quality assurance and optimizing operations in evidence processing and storage.  Our monitoring system effectively monitors temperature, humidity, and other essential environmental parameters.  

A Solution Tailored to Forensic Labs

Our monitoring system excels in preserving the integrity of critical DNA evidence, making it an essential component of forensic lab operations. With Rees Scientific, you're not just fulfilling the requirements for accreditation—you're setting a new standard for precision and accountability in forensic labs. Trust in our monitoring system to help meet the increasing demands for precision, accountability, and the preservation of justice.


Pioneer Precision and Accountability in Forensic Lab Operations

By choosing Rees Scientific, you're not merely striving to meet accreditation requirements; you're pioneering a new era of precision and accountability within your forensic lab operations.

Our tailored monitoring system is a game-changer, going beyond standard compliance. It's the ultimate assurance that no evidence will be lost or compromised, providing an invaluable tool for enhancing quality assurance and optimizing the seamless flow of operations in evidence processing and storage.

In a landscape where precision is paramount, Rees Scientific is your trusted ally. We recognize the unique challenges you face daily, and our monitoring system is engineered to excel in preserving the integrity of critical evidence. When you invest in Rees Scientific, you're not just safeguarding evidence; you're upholding justice.

Choose Rees Scientific to meet the escalating demands for precision, accountability, and the unwavering preservation of justice in your forensic lab. We're not just setting a new standard; we're redefining excellence.

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