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Best Remote Temperature Monitoring System

Enterprise Centron

The Enterprise Centron offers a more powerful,reliable and scalable centralized monitoring system. It is expandable up to 512 inputs and
employs RAID technology that duplicates data across multiple drivers to provide full redundancy.
Two disks each store exactly the same
data, at the same time, all the time. Your vital data is protected by dual disks. Strengthen your facilities centralized monitoring system
with the Enterprise Centron.

  • More powerful & reliable

  • Multiple dialers

  • Expandable up to 512 inputs

  • Simultaneous networking for up to 30 users

  • RAID dual level data redundancy

  • Access via web browser

  • Available in standalone tower or rack mount

Best Remote Temperature Monitoring System


The ReesCloud Solution is an optimal asset that provides a secure, fast and easy way to continuously monitor your critical equipment and environmental conditions. It is the first 21 CFR part 11 compliant cloud system in the industry.

  • No software, PC or server required

  • Only requirement is a data connection and no technical expertise is needed

  • Easy and economical installation for both small and large systems

  • Monitor multiple locations and equipment from anywhere

  • Ability to receive customized alerts via interactive phone, texts and emails

  • Rees full menu of validation and service options also available

  • Multiple levels of redundancy both local and server based (additional Failover protection option available)

  • Rees Proven compliance with web based graphs and reports

  • View the status of your equipment via app or browser

Best Remote Temperature Monitoring System


Our All-in-one system is a complete solution for your monitoring needs. It provides numerous enhanced features, higher performance and an entirely improved workstation experience.   This system offers a smaller footprint, comes equipped with Windows operating system and our Centron Presidio Software. The system can be stand alone or fully integrated with the customers’ existing IT infrastructure.   Moreover, it provides extremely reliable hardware, enhanced buffering, and increased security.

  • Watch Dog Timer

  • Dead Man Alarm

  • Optional battery back up

  • Stand alone or networked

  • Ability to upgrade existing towers or wall mounts

  • Works with Z3 wireless, WiFi and hardwired solutions

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