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Automated Temperature Monitoring


Rees Scientific serves a wide range of industries, each with its unique requirements and demands. In the realm of blood and tissue banking, our monitoring solutions play a crucial role in preserving the safety and integrity of life-saving resources. From monitoring temperature and humidity to ensuring the reliability of storage conditions, we provide the necessary tools for safeguarding these critical assets.


In the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors, precision and compliance are paramount. Our systems help maintain consistent environmental conditions, ensuring that research materials and pharmaceutical products remain uncompromised. Cleanrooms and biomedical research facilities rely on our monitoring solutions to meet strict industry standards, allowing researchers and scientists to focus on their work with confidence.


Hospitals, pharmacies, and repositories benefit from our services to guarantee the quality and safety of medical supplies and patient samples. In the domain of in vitro fertilization, Rees Scientific supports the preservation of delicate embryos, sperm, and eggs, setting the standard for precision and reliability in this deeply personal journey.


For forensic labs, we offer the security and accuracy necessary to protect critical evidence, ensuring that justice prevails. In food refrigeration monitoring, we help maintain the safety and quality of perishable goods, safeguarding the standards and integrity of the food and beverage industry.


Across these diverse industries, Rees Scientific serves as a trusted partner, offering the expertise and solutions needed to uphold the highest standards of quality, compliance, and safety.

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