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2024 Q2

THE Total Solutions Provider for Regulated Environments

Our Commitment to the customer experience

As we reflect on an eventful first quarter at Rees, we are thrilled to share the significant strides we've made in transforming our service offerings and enhancing our customer engagement. Our ambitious initiatives launched in Q1 have set a solid foundation for what promises to be a remarkable year.


Our regional training program has successfully commenced, standardizing and refining our field operations. This initiative is not just about enhancing skills but also integrating valuable insights from our technicians and customers, which are crucial for the future direction of our operations.

In our commitment to continuously improve your experience with us, we've upgraded our customer feedback process. The introduction of a streamlined survey, now including a Net Promoter Score (NPS), aims to more effectively gauge your satisfaction and loyalty. We are actively using your feedback to shape our customer service, focusing on areas highlighted for improvement.

Furthermore, the enhancements in employee support—ranging from health benefits to travel policies—have been implemented to ensure our team is motivated and well-equipped to serve you better. These improvements, coupled with the expansion of our team, are designed to enhance the quality and responsiveness of our service.


As we build on the momentum from Q1, we look forward to unveiling even more initiatives in the coming months. With your continued support and feedback, we are excited about the opportunities to further elevate your experience with us throughout the rest of the year.


Michael Mothersbaugh, President ​


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Mapping Services

Improve the efficiency and reliability of your facility operations through our specialized equipment qualification and mapping services. We offer CTU and warehouse equipment qualification and precise temperature and humidity mapping to ensure that your critical environments adhere to the highest standards of accuracy and compliance.

Six Days to a Successful Setup

The journey began when Ndidiamaka Okpareke of Olive Tree Compounding Pharmacy, recalling our presence at a tradeshow, recommended Rees to their contractor who had overlooked a vital element—a monitoring system for their nearly finished compounding facility. The contractor promptly reached out to our Sales Representative, Ricardo Padilla, who acted immediately by asking key questions, contacting the appropriate Rees personnel and arranging a same-day walkthrough at the customer site.


n an extraordinary display of teamwork, the Rees team completed a full system installation in just six days, from the initial sales inquiry to final setup. This swift action was crucial in ensuring that the customer's new facility passed its upcoming inspection.

The success of this project also hinged on seamless collaboration across multiple departments. Every team member played a pivotal role and we are immensely proud of the dedication and flexibility shown by the Rees Team. This project serves as a shining example of what Rees can achieve for our customers. Thank you to all members of the Rees Team who contributed to this remarkable accomplishment.


Congratulations to Olive Tree Compounding Pharmacy on their new facility! Thank you for trusting us with such an important aspect of your business. We look forward to supporting you as you continue to expand.

Taking service to the next level

2024 Regional service training program

We are thrilled to share that we have launched a comprehensive regional training program for our technicians across the United States and Canada. This initiative is designed to enhance the consistency and quality of our installations and calibrations, ensuring that every customer experience is nothing short of excellent.


Our journey began on April 1, with our talented technicians from California and Washington diving into a rich curriculum, including cutting-edge Wi-Fi and cloud technologies, programming, and more. The sessions were enriched by inspiring talks from Rees leaders Mike Mothersbaugh, Paul Fanelli, and Jeff Hamon, setting a motivating tone for the program.


Meeting our technicians and engaging with them during these sessions has been incredibly rewarding. We are excited to see how these trainings will not only enhance our team's skills but also significantly improve the services we provide to you, our valued customers.


Stay tuned as we continue to deliver the best to our customers and make a positive impact on every project!

Community events


Bring your Child to work day

We had a wonderful experience hosting children of our HQ employees for Bring Your Child to Work Day last month.

The day was filled with engaging activities that not only entertained but also educated, from a marketing video interview to fun STEM tasks and department driven exercises. It was a joy to see the excitement and curiosity in the children as they explored various aspects of Rees. Their enthusiasm made the day truly special and memorable for everyone involved.

Check out the full interview on our YouTube!

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