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Compliant COVID-19 Vaccine Monitoring Solutions

Monitoring the temperature of vaccines and medications is an essential task that is regulated by several government health organizations. The COVID -19 vaccine is a crucial remedy that is highly regulated and worth sizable capital. It needs to be stored at a much cooler temperature to ensure product safety and maximum potency. The Rees Scientific Continuous Monitoring System can help you monitor the temperature of the COVID-19 Vaccine. 

  • The Rees Scientific system can monitor the temperature of any cold storage (refrigerators, freezers, ultra-low freezers) from +100 to -196 °C

  • Continuous, real time monitoring

  • Receive alarm notification via interactive phone, texts and e-mail

  • Has graphical and export capabilities

  • Exceeds data logger capabilities

  • Local audio and visual (LED) alarm available

  • Monitoring rate exceeds requirements of CDC

According to the CDC, you must have a process of notification, documentation, communication and correction for temperature monitoring.
Notify, correct, document and contact
Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit from the CDC

View min/max sensor conditions of your unit with the LCD display module.

MinMax Module

Rees Scientific is prepared to help monitor the vaccines from research, through the manufacturing to the end customer. We can help maintain product safety while meeting all of your regulatory requirements. Our system complies with the guidelines of vaccine storage and handling from WHO, CDC, FDA, VFC, NIH, PHAC, AAP and much more.

Rees Scientific can help you meet compliance in research & development, manufacturing and with the end user
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