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continuous real-time cleanroom monitoring

Cleanrooms play a vital role in maintaining precision and compliance in various industries, especially in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Our mission is to be your trusted partner in achieving unparalleled cleanliness, efficiency, and regulatory adherence. With decades of experience, Rees Scientific's cleanroom solutions are tailored to meet the exacting standards of Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). Rees Scientific offers real-time monitoring, compliance, immediate alerts, detailed reports, and premium high-accuracy sensors that are crucial for quality assurance and regulatory approval.

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your cleanroom compliance partner

At Rees Scientific, we recognize that cleanrooms play a pivotal role in a wide range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and beyond. These controlled environments are essential for maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness, precision, and regulatory compliance.  Our monitoring solutions offer real-time oversight of critical environmental parameters.  We do temperature monitoring, humidity monitoring, differential pressure monitoring, and particle counts monitoring.  These critical parameters are monitored with precision using our high accuracy sensors. With our sophisticated technology, you can trust that your cleanroom operations remain in optimal condition, assuring the purity and safety of your products.

Real-Time Compliance and Alerts: Our systems provide continuous, real-time monitoring, sending immediate alerts and notifications should any deviation conditions occur. This rapid response capability ensures that you can take corrective action right away, safeguarding the integrity of your operations and the quality of your products.  Notifications can be sent via interactive phone, emails or texts. 

Detailed Reports for Compliance: Detailed reports are the foundation of compliance. Rees Scientific's monitoring technology generates comprehensive reports, essential for adhering to industry regulations and cGMP standards. These reports offer an in-depth analysis of your cleanroom's performance, providing a clear record of adherence to the strictest standards such as USP <797>, USP <800>, GxP, GLP, GMP, FDA & more. 


Mastering Cleanroom Excellence with Rees Scientific

Rees Scientific offers cleanroom monitoring solutions that are as adaptable as they are precise. Our system can be seamlessly integrated into your cleanroom environment, through a hardwired setup, wireless connectivity, Wi-Fi or a hybrid of all.  This versatility ensures that your cleanroom operations remain uninterrupted, while data collection and compliance management are more accessible than ever. With Rees Scientific, you're not just embracing progress; you're defining it through innovative, tailored solutions.


Your Partner in Cleanroom Quality: With Rees Scientific by your side, achieving cleanroom quality becomes more than a goal; it's an assurance. We are dedicated to supporting your pharmaceutical and biotechnological pursuits with the utmost precision and care. From precise monitoring to compliance management, we stand as your unwavering partner in the pursuit of cleanroom success.

Join Us for Continuous Compliant Monitoring: Discover how Rees Scientific can elevate the quality and compliance of your cleanroom operations. Explore our cleanroom solutions and experience a new level of precision in pharmaceutical and biotechnological endeavors. Join us in mastering cleanroom excellence today.

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