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continuous automated monitoring for pharmacies

At Rees Scientific, we provide continuous automated monitoring tailored for the Pharmacy industry, ensuring compliance with FDA regulations. Our monitoring system serves as your vigilant partner, safeguarding critical assets, equipment, and environments, including cleanrooms and compounding pharmacies.


Temperature Monitoring for Vital Assets

The Rees Monitoring System offers the efficiency of monitoring diverse facilities with multiple locations while providing immediate data access and sophisticated analysis. Whether you're at your desktop computer, tablet, or phone, you can stay in control of your critical assets.

Instant Alarm Notifications

Rest assured with our system's instant alarm notifications. Be informed promptly via local sonic alerts, interactive dialed telephone, escalating email, and text messaging, regardless of the time. With Rees Scientific, your assets are always protected.

Compliance Assurance

Our system comes equipped with standard features that help organizations meet compliance with various regulatory requirements, including USP <797>, USP <800>, FDA, ASHP, GMP, and Joint Commission standards. Ensure the quality and safety of your pharmaceuticals.


Vaccine Storage & Handling

For health clinics, hospital pharmacies, and other healthcare facilities, monitoring vaccine temperatures is paramount. The Rees Scientific LCD module adheres to the guidelines of vaccine storage and handling from WHO, CDC, NIH, NIST, AAP, NAPRA, and PHAC.

  • Helps meet VFC monitoring requirements.

  • The new LCD display meets/exceeds CDC Vaccine Storage recommendations.

  • View min/max sensor conditions with the LCD module.

  • Each module supports up to 2 sensors.

  • Local audio and visual (LED) alarms available.

  • Monitoring rate exceeds CDC requirements.

  • Optional Temperature Block - eco-friendly with no spillage.

  • Includes the ability to download and archive data and events.

Compounding/ Specialty Pharmacy

For clean rooms and specialty pharmacies, our system offers comprehensive monitoring solutions:

  • Monitor room temperature, humidity, air changes per hour, and more.

  • Meet compliance for ASHP, USP <797>, and USP <800>.

  • Receive alarm notifications via interactive phone, texts, and email.

  • Utilize graphical and export capabilities.

  • Exceed data logger capabilities.

  • Enjoy continuous, real-time monitoring.

At Rees Scientific, we've built a legacy of trust and compliance in the Pharmacy industry. Our state-of-the-art monitoring solutions go beyond regulation—they provide peace of mind. With real-time monitoring, instant alerts, and unparalleled accuracy, we empower you to maintain the highest standards and safeguard your critical assets. Whether it's the temperature of vital vaccines, cleanroom conditions, or comprehensive monitoring for specialty pharmacies, we've got you covered. Join us in mastering compliance and ensuring the quality and safety of pharmaceuticals. Experience the Rees Scientific advantage and elevate your monitoring standards today.

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