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Rees Scientific offers customized wireless configurations to meet the various needs of each of our corporate partners and prospective clients.

Another Improvement to our Wireless Family!

Z3 WiFi is our latest version of the WiFi system which provides a seamless user experience and protects critical information. 


Z3 WiFi Benefits:

* Same great reliability, security and flexibility as the Z3 Wireless System

* Battery powered – outlets not needed

* Enterprise WiFi capable option (PEAP-MS-CHAPv2) - works with existing infrastructure

* Industry’s first IPv6 capable monitoring system

* Designed to reduce the overall installation process

* Great for remote sites

* Enhanced customer convenience and flexibility

* Compatible with all existing Rees Systems

* Works with the full line of Rees Scientific sensors

The Z3 modules use an advanced Zigbee protocol that is optimized for efficient communications.  They have greater stability of Mesh wireless infrastructure and reduce/eliminate battery alarms.  The Z3 wireless system offers increased number of data logging modules per network device and encrypted communication.  


  • Pave the way to add third generation modules to your system
  • Module has a smaller footprint (module is 25% smaller)
  • 1.5 year battery life
  • Reduce/eliminate battery alarms
  • Fewer Offline events
  • Increased modules per network device
  • Greater flexibility moving equipment
  • Faster deployment
  • More efficient and reliable communications
  • Encrypted communication
  • Improved Reliability

View sensor conditions of your unit right from the Rees Scientific LCD display data logging module.  Ideal for health clinics, hospital pharmacies and many other healthcare facilities that house vaccines in their refrigerators.  Monitoring the temperature of vaccines is a crucial task that is regulated by many different government health organizations.   The Rees Scientific LCD module complies with the guidelines of vaccine storage and handling from CDC, NIH, NIST, AAP and PHAC. 

  • Display sensor condition(s) (Temperature, Humidity, etc. )
  • Each module supports up to 2 sensors
  • Differential Pressure Module available
  • Local audio and visual (LED) alarm available
  • Ability to inhibit local alarm at module
  • Centron Monitoring System will continue to alarm & dial out as programmed
  • Available in Zigbee or WiFi
  • Works with legacy Centron hardware and Rees Cloud Systems
  • Available with Snap-Cert calibration certificate

Our WiFi system provides the same great reliability, security & flexibility you’ve come to expect from the company you trust. It’s designed to reduce the overall installation process, the new line of WiFi transmitters utilize your existing infrastructure to minimize site impact and get the system running fast. It’s available with our full line of sensors including temperature, humidity, light, differential pressure, etc.

The next generation of Rees Scientific Wireless Environmental Monitoring, V.2 Wireless provides DSSS transmissions, data buffering at transmitter level, low battery alarm & two way communication with self-healing mesh networks.  

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